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Stephen Lloyd with supporters

HeraldWhilst in office he did amazingly well at bringing local issues to the forefront of the media and fought tirelessly for Eastbourne and still does. He does a damn site more than our actual MP which I'm sorry to say I was one of which who voted for her. Big mistake. Let's show Stephen he is wanted and still appreciated and help him to make up his mind to stand again - Scott Haffenden

He Is A People's Man - Kelly Light

Stephen was ousted by Project Fear not his unblemished record as an MP - Stephen Nash

Stephen is a great guy for our town and was a brilliant MP. We want him back - Rosemary Rowett

Stephen was an exceptional MP whose first priority was the people of Eastbourne - Mark Trott

I'd rather have an MP that cares about his constituency than one that cares about her party - Cynthia Cain

Stephen worked so hard and was always to be seen in town -Denise Day

I know Stephen will do a good job for the town and he works extremely hard for us - Kevin Bowles

I believe Stephen is the best representative for this town. Politics are immaterial. It's all to do with who actually cares passionately about our town. There can be no doubt that it is Stephen - Jacqueline Wooller

Stephen would be the very best person for that MP POSITION -FAIRNESS AND HARDWORKING -for all the people . a breath of fresh air - Florence Arthur

Stephen cares about this town - is available and around and about - and knows the difference between right and wrong - Angela Pluess

He was a people politician and cared about the town - Rachael Wootton Sussex

I think Stephen was a fantastic MP and - to be honest, he is sorely missed. Someone that looks after people, not out for himself but puts himself out to do fantastic work for good causes. To me, he should be our Prime Minister - he certainly has it in him to do so and there would be so many happy people if this were the case. Come on Stephen - we want you back where you belong - Heather Daniels

We need Stephen back! - Sian Crossland

I'm am agreeing to this petition because during his term served as the MP for our town, he has done so much for this town, not for the glory of himself, which our current MP seems to be in it for herself and not for the people! But on a personnel level he has fought for me and my Mums problems. Before he won the local Election I was a devout Conservative voter, but seeing what he has managed to achieve and accomplish for this town, in comparison to who served before him and currently after him. He is and always will be the perfect candidate for Eastbourne! - Marcus Rowe

Stephen Lloyd was an absolutely outstanding constituency MP - Kara Bishop

He responds, he works, he really cares about Eastbourne and its people - Sandra Mitchell

GuardianHe's a man of integrity and enthusiasm - Stewart Heaysman

He was bloody good at his job and I am not voting for the other lot - Jennifer Dyer

Stephen is the only person who cares for Eastbourne as Ian Gow did, and he has a genuine personality which showed through in everything he was involved in, welcome back Stephen - Fred Mitchell

I want to have an MP who fights for local causes and is committed to his constituents over and above furthering his own career. Stephen is exactly the sort of MP Eastbourne needs to raise awareness of local issues and visibility to the investment needed to enable the regeneration of the town. It would be a pleasure to have the chance to vote for him again - Antonia Gietzen


I knew that Stephen was a terrific MP before we lost him. But his absence has amplified his brilliance for Eastbourne and its citizens - Martin Jones