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Stephen talking to the media
  • Article: Mar 16, 2018
    By Stephen Lloyd

    The issue of Russia's attempt to murder two of its own citizens on British soil was a main feature this week in Parliament.

    The House listened carefully to the PM's Statement and lets be clear it was an outrageous act, whereby a foreign power attempted to murder two people in another sovereign nation. This matters as it shows firstly that Russia (Putin) believe they can act with impunity inside the jurisdiction of another country and simply ignore the international rule of law which has, broadly, been the glue holding us all together for the last 70 years. Secondly they're sending a clear message to any Russian dissident around the world that wherever you live - we will come and get you. This is very dangerous and a direct threat to stable governance. Theresa May made a powerful statement condemning the attack and listed a number of steps the government will be taking in response. We'll have to wait and see just how effective they are. Meanwhile, to be frank, Jeremy Corbyn had a bad session and the glum silence of his own backbenchers as he spoke was clear to all of us in the Chamber. Ken Clarke made the salient point, which I've already flagged, that these attacks were "a deliberate choice by the Russian government to put their signature on a killing so that other defectors are left in no doubt that it is the Russian government that will act if they're disappointed in any way by their actions." Chilling, and why I and others believe we must respond as forcefully as we practically can as well as secure public and actionable support from our allies. Which may prove a challenge with Trump, who appears to be somewhat reticent of ever criticising President Putin directly, but we'll wait and see. Another important point is a number of MPs name-checked certain Russian oligarchs who live in London and are known to be close to Putin. One apparently is the Russian Deputy PM Igor Shuvalov who, bizarrely, owns a £14m flat overlooking the Ministry of Defence just up the road from Parliament. Ironically, these Russian billionaires love buying properties in London because they appreciate we live by the rule of law and contract. Something they are choosing to ignore when it suits them. In Parliament it was proposed our government make more use of its legal powers under 'unexplained wealth orders' to sequestrate their assets. Essentially hitting them where it hurts, in the wallet. One of the few areas we could actually make a dent in their, apparent, utter contempt of international law.

  • HOC
    Article: Mar 11, 2018

    Stephen Lloyd MP is urging young people in Eastbourne & Willingdon who are interested in leadership and making a difference, to apply for an international scheme run by the British Council.

    Future Leaders Connect, a programme run by the British Council, the UK's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, is open to all young people aged 18-35 and will see ten representatives from the UK join 40 others from eleven different countries.

  • Article: Mar 9, 2018
    By Stephen Lloyd

    The turnout at last weekend's protest outside Milton Grange and Firwood House was excellent with over 200 people joining me to show just how determined Eastbourne is to keep both these fine homes open. Thank you for all your support. We've a way to go yet and the consultation remains open until the end of April. I would urge anyone who hasn't taken part to do so; it's terribly important we show East Sussex County Council how much we as a town value the outstanding services provided by each home. The dementia respite service is outstanding and many people locally have made it crystal clear to me that without it, their husband or wife would be in a care home losing any vestige of independent living. Is this what County Hall wants? Surely not. Equally many others have been in touch to say how Firwood House helped either them or a relative recuperate after being in hospital. Meaning they didn't block a bed in the DGH, were able to receive quality rehabilitation ensuring that when they went home, they lived independently. Without this service, we'll be back to the appalling bed-blocking we had locally in Eastbourne years ago. Which would be bad for the DGH, bad for the patients themselves and, ultimately, bad for adult social services run by the county council. We will continue opposing County Hall's proposals, and we will also continue holding the two senior Eastbourne conservative county councillors, David Elkin and Colin Belsey, accountable to keep these homes open. With power comes accountability.

  • Protest 1
    Article: Mar 6, 2018
    By Stephen Lloyd

    Just back from a fantastic protest outside Milton Grange and, after, Firwood House. Around 200 people turned up - for which many thanks. And our message to East Sussex County Council was crystal clear; don't proceed with your proposals to close either of these two outstanding service providers.

    In their respective way, the exceptional care Milton Grange and Firwood House provide, around dementia respite, therapy and rehabilitation, is second to none and they serve residents way beyond our town.