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Save Milton Grange / Firwood House

June 27, 2018 1:31 PM
By Stephen Lloyd

East Sussex County Council ignores the wishes of 10,000+ local residents who signed the petition by voting to close Firwood House.

East Sussex County Council ignores the wishes of 10,000+ local residents who signed the petition by voting to close Firwood House.

Posted by Stephen Lloyd on Tuesday, 26 June 2018

19th June 2018

By Stephen Lloyd MP

County Council aims to close Firwood House!!

East Sussex County Council adult social care services at Firwood House in Brassey Avenue, Hampden Park, will cease if officers proposals are agreed by the County Council Cabinet meeting in Lewes next Tuesday (June 26).

Thankfully Milton Grange, which as you know was also under threat of closure is, apparently, to be given an expanded role and take up all the rehab work done at Firwood House. As well as continue with its extensive dementia respite provision - so remains safe - for the moment!

I just do not see though how this is realistically possible. As my old man would have said; "it really is trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot."

Their plan, pure and simple, is all about putting cost-cutting ahead of providing a reputable, quality service which we all know local people need.

And I think that's wrong.

It's almost beyond parody that a rehabilitation unit which is recognised to be one of the best in the South East, has received significant investment from the same county council over the years and, last but not least, is recognised as providing an unparalleled service in successfully preventing bed blocking in our very own DGH - is to be closed by East Sussex County Council.

What are they thinking?

I oppose this dreadful recommendation wholeheartedly as do thousands of local residents in Eastbourne and beyond. Furthermore I urge the responsible Eastbourne Conservative county councillors, David Elkin, Colin Belsey and Barry Taylor do the right thing for our town and persuade their Tory colleagues on ESCC to reject the Officers proposal.

It is time for these three politicians to show Eastbourne whose side they are on.

Please join me in writing to each of them requesting that they stand up for Firwood House. Also share this far and wide so Cllr's Belsey, Elkin and Taylor are left in no doubt how the town feels about this appalling decision and why it must be stopped!

With power comes responsibility and accountability.......

May 15th 2018

By Stephen Lloyd MP

Milton Grange/Firwood House Video Update: This week (Tues) I went up to Westminster a day late as was at County Hall in...

Posted by Stephen Lloyd on Tuesday, 15 May 2018

This week (Tues) I went up to Westminster a day late as was at County Hall in Lewes presenting and speaking on an important petition put up on Change . org (thank you St Anthonys resident Maria Galt!) demanding ESCC don't cut key services at Milton Grange and Firwood House. Please see the video below.

I urged all the County Councillors and in particular the Conservative Group who run ESCC and will be making the final decision, that they listen to local residents - and keep Milton Grange and Firwood House open.

Well over 10,000 people have signed my and Maria's petitions insisting these two highly acclaimed Homes that make such a positive difference when it comes to dementia respite, after-hospital rehabilitation mental health support, therapy and more, must remain open to continue providing the vital care our town and the surrounding area needs.

See the link below for the latest on the petition and if you haven't signed it, please do so - we must keep the pressure up: http://bit.ly/CountyCutsPet

I hope the two senior Eastbourne Tory County Councillors who are so influential on ESCC, Cllrs Colin Belsey and David Elkin, listen to what I and the town are calling for. Keeping Milton Grange and Firwood House open so they and their brilliant staff continue doing what they do so well for so many local residents…..

The final decision will be taken at the County Council's cabinet meeting on 26th June. We must continue pushing all the buttons folks to make sure the 'right' decision is taken, so even if you have already emailed Cllrs Elkin and Belsey urging they do the correct thing, please do so again. I need these two influential Eastbourne Conservative County Councillors to really take on board how determined we all are across Eastbourne, Willingdon and beyond to keep open these outstanding service providers.

Their email addresses are below:


Thank you my friends for all the support you have given to our campaign to secure the future of Milton Grange and Firwood House. I really am very grateful.

We can win this one. I feel sure of it…...

March 6th 2018

By Stephen Lloyd

Protest 1

protest speaking protest family

Just back from a fantastic protest outside Milton Grange and, after, Firwood House. Around 200 people turned up - for which many thanks. And our message to East Sussex County Council was crystal clear; don't proceed with your proposals to close either of these two outstanding service providers.

In their respective way, the exceptional care Milton Grange and Firwood House provide, around dementia respite, therapy and rehabilitation, is second to none and they serve residents way beyond our town.

Your support today and the 9,000+ who have already signed the online petition (http://bit.ly/CountyCutsPet) shows just how determined we are to force County Hall to listen to us and to stop their proposed closures!!

Also, if you haven't filled out their consultation yet, please do so. I need the numbers to really stack up so ESCC hear loud and clear what we think, and the dreadful impact such a closure will have on so many vulnerable residents. Please see the link here: http://bit.ly/CCeCnslt

February 9, 2018 2:14 PM
By Stephen Lloyd

HOCOn the 6th February, in the House of Commons' Chamber, I got a promise of a meeting with a Health Minister to discuss securing the future of Milton Grange and Firwood House - two vital service providers for our town. Consequently, I've just written to the Leader of East Sussex County Council and his Deputy, David Elkin, who is, as you know in charge of the finances so that we can lobby to save Milton Grange and Firwood House together. This issue is far too important to allow petty party politics to play a role! I hope they will join me so we can work in harness to save these two outstanding homes.

Please see the link to my question here: http://bit.ly/DHSCQue

There will be a consultation on the County Council's proposals to close the services going out to the public, apparently, around 13th February with the final decision being taken by the County Cabinet in June. As soon as I have more details about how you can take part in the consultation I will post the link. Keep your eyes open!

Locally I was, however, unhappy that this morning the Conservative-Controlled County Council Meeting in Lewes voted against a Lib Dem amendment to their budget, proposed by my colleague Cllr Tutt, aimed at taking cuts to Milton Grange and Firwood House off the table. Very disappointing.

If you would like to write to the two key Eastbourne County Councillors involved to let them know of your opposition to these cuts, Cllr Elkin & Cllr Belsey, please click the link below for template letters.


Equally, if you have not signed the petition, click here: http://bit.ly/CountyCutsPet

I have been overwhelmed by the enormous support from the town (and beyond) of so many local people who recognise that every step must be taken to retain these two outstanding respite homes, Milton Grange and Firwood House.

Thank you for turning out folks. Appreciated.